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Some characters are cursed (or blessed, depending on your point of view) with the ability to return from the dead with disturbing regularity. Do they have this ability because they’re immortal, or are they immortal because they have this ability? It’s a head scratcher!

Here are some of my notables:

Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood: Jack started off on Doctor Who as a fun-loving, time-hopping opportunist, until Rose bonded with the TARDIS. She brought dead Jack (killed by Daleks) back to life. Seemingly forever, because no matter how he dies – and once he was literally blown into tiny pieces – he always comes back. I don’t think it lessens the impact of dying to know it’s not permanent, because ow!

Daniel Jackson, Stargate SG1: Daniel, intrepid archeologist and member of the Stargate program, died so many times on the show that it became a running gag. There were probably as many reasons for his deaths as there were for his resurrections, though I know that Ascension played a part more than once.

Henry Morgan, Forever: We never did find out the mystery of Henry’s immortality before the show was canceled. He’d lived and died and lived again for two hundred years and was always working on the problem of why and how. It was particularly poignant because he lived with an older man that most people assumed was his father but was actually his son.

Charlotte Charles, Pushing Daisies: Chuck, as she was called by her friends, died and her besotted neighbor, Ned, brought her back with a touch. Unfortunately, Ned’s gift is this: one touch brings them back, another kills them. So he saved the life of the girl he loved but now he can never touch her again, even though she’s clearly in love with him too.

Who are some of your favorite characters who have died and come back?
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